Home Buyer Checklist

Before we can open your file, below is a home buyer checklist of items you will need to provide us:

  1. Send us a copy of your Agreement of Purchase and Sale. If you have a realtor, advise them that we will be acting on your behalf and instruct them to forward all relevant materials to our office.
  2. Advise your mortgage lender that we will be acting on your behalf and instruct them to provide us with the mortgage instructions at the next opportunity.
  3. Complete and return to us a Buyer Intake Form.
  4. Prior to closing, ensure you are obtain home fire insurance coverage to be effective as of the scheduled closing date. Note that the coverage value must at least cover the registered mortgage amount and provide the mortgage lender with a guaranteed building replacement cost endorsement. Once this is done, have your agent provide us with a copy of the insurance binder.
  5. Once we obtain your Agreement of Purchase and Sale, we will provide you with a retainer agreement setting out an all-inclusive quote for your real estate closing. You can view our full pricing schedule here.

Throughout the process, we will keep you apprised of your purchase transaction and are always reachable by phone or email.

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