• #1 Ottawa Lawyer in Customer Satisfaction

    #1 Ottawa Lawyer in Customer Satisfaction

Real quotes from happy customers!

"Todd has helped with our Real Estate purchase and the experience was so smooth. The guy is a total pro, I will definitely continue to do business with Todd" - From: Elizabeth
"Experience was great! The value, reliability, speed, and knowledge will get me coming back" - From: Zhan
"Excellent service! Very Efficient and quick responses!" - From: Samantha.

Real estate lawyers 

Our real estate lawyer in Ottawa are affordable, reliable, cost-effective and knowledgeable. Our estate law firm has extensive experience to help with all your real estate needs such as         residential purchases and sales. Learn more             about our flat rate lawyer fees too!

Litigation Lawyers

Do you need a Civil Litigation Lawyer? Our litigation lawyers at TDJ Law Firm are experienced navigators in the process of claims. Rest assured that the litigation lawyers at TDJ Law Firm have a record of success and will           protect your interests.

Wills and Estate lawyers

Will planning is vital in order to distribute your estate in a way that reflects your intentions and wishes. If you die without a will, the law will determine how your estate is distributed. Our attorneys at TDJ Law Firm are responsive, accountable, and experts.