Real Estate Sales

Real Estate Sale


Real estate sales require attention to detail, forethought, and speed. At TDJ Law, we will make the process hassle free by letting you know what to expect throughout the process. Our real estate sale lawyer will work to ensure you get what you bargained for so you that you can have the peace of mind in knowing that you are taken care of. For sales, the entire process, including disbursements, is $880.00 all inclusive. Please contact us to discuss any additional costs if you have more than one mortgage needing to be discharged.

Please contact our office to discuss any fees in depth.  We do offer discounts for bundling services, such as buying and selling with us, or buying or selling multiple properties.

We are able to act for you on any property within Ontario.  Please contact us to discuss if your property is outside of Ottawa.


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Our Personal Service Guarantee

A commitment to your comfort and best interest is at the center of our philosophy. To this end, we offer you:

    1. Access to our convenient office location at 224 Hunt Club Road (next to the T&T Supermarket) with free parking.
    2. Extended working hours (by appointment) until 6:30pm on weekdays and 5:30pm on Saturday.
    3. Reasonable flat real estate lawyer fees ensures that you know all your home legal costs upfront!

As part of our real estate package, we also provide you a full complement of services to assist you in the purchase, sale or refinance of your home, including:

      • Title Insurance
      • Notary Services
      • Will drafting (at reduced prices)
      • Free condo status review
      • Power of attorney drafting

Real Estate Sales

Our lawyer is responsible for coordinating your transaction to ensure a successful closing. Generally we will provide you with the following services:

    • Review your Agreement of Purchase and Sale so that you understand your rights, obligations and any special provisions.
    • Provide you with a reasonable cost estimate for your closing.
    • Discharging any mortgages or line of credits registered on title.
    • Ensuring any pre-conditions of closing are met and responding to requests from the buyer’s lawyer.
    • Obtaining a tax certificate from the City to verify that the property tax account has been cleared.
    • Ensuring there are no utility account arrears that will affect your ownership interest.
    • Resolving any title defects.
    • Preparing all closing documents and explaining them to you so that you understand what your signing.
    • Advising you of the exact closing costs.
    • Providing you with your sale proceeds by way certified funds together with a full report of the transaction.