Notary Services


WeNotary Services can assist you in witnessing oaths, solemn affirmations, the signing of affidavits or statutory declarations, among other things. We can also certify documents to be true copies of the original. For documents intended for use abroad, our notaries can assist with the authentication at Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada and/or legalization at an Ottawa embassy.

Please contact us first to confirm whether or not we are able to notarize the document you require prior to attending our office.

Our Ottawa Notary Services include any of the following:

  1. Certifying documents as true copies
  2. Certifying documents as true Chinese translation
  3. Drafting and Notarization of Consent to Travel Document
  4. Affidavits re: Transfer of Vehicle Ownership
  5. Certification of Applicant’s Photograph
  6. Statutory Declarations Confirming Identity
  7. Statutory Declaration of Marital Status
  8. Statutory Declaration re: Ownership of Property
  9. Any Other Statutory Declaration Required by Law
  10. Among other things

Each document to be notarized costs $25.00. However, preparation of documents will be extra.