Home Seller Checklist

If you are selling a home, below is a Home Seller Checklist of things we will need from you for closing:

1) Provide real estate agent with your lawyer’s contact information, so that they can send us the Agreement of Purchase and Sale

It also a good idea to create a separate list or schedule of the conditions that need to be satisfied in your agreement – such as an inspection, financing, insurance and any special considerations so that you do not miss important timelines that may inadvertently void your agreement. You will also need to inform us when you waive any conditions that are part of the offer.

2) Provide us with your most recent mortgage statement so that we can request a payout letter from your mortgage lender.

3) Complete the Seller Intake Form

4) If the property has an alarm, inform us whether the alarm will be cancelled, and provide us with the alarm code and alarm company’s information.

5) Provide us with the survey of the property, if one is available.

6) Provide us with your most recent property tax bill as well as proof of payment of all taxes.

7) For the final appointment with us, bring a set of keys to the property. Leave the balance of keys on the property’s kitchen counter.


Lastly, contact your utility providers (telephone, cable, heating, hydro, water, municipal tax office, etc.) and arrange to have your accounts cancelled or transferred to your new address.

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