Lawyer Fees

Fixed Lawyer Fees

What are the costs involved?

At TDJ Law we offer no-surprise pricing: the price you are quoted is the price you will pay. This web page contains our Ottawa lawyer fees, real estate lawyer fees, lawyer fees for wills, and all other legal fees for services that we offer. Whether you are buying, selling or refinancing, we strongly recommend that you review our following web pages for detailed information regarding your transactions. Depending on the transaction we offer flat rate prices to help with calculating your costs.

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In particular, we outline costs, our services, your role and more. Here you will find some of the real estate services we can offer to help minimize risk and ensure a smooth transaction when buying or selling your home or other residential property:


1) Purchase of residential property: $1275.00 all-inclusive (disbursements + HST) + Title Insurance + Status Certificate (for condos only).
2) Sale of residential property: $850.00 all-inclusive.
3) Refinancing: $895.00 all-inclusive + Title Insurance.

NOTE: These legal fees include search costs, execution certificates, courier fees, certified cheques, faxes, photocopies, postage, conveyancer fee, communications with our office, reasonable long-distance calls and the Law Society Transaction Levy applicable to home sales. The cost quoted above are only for simple transactions involving single-family homes. Total cost is subject to change based on type of property, complexity and price of the home.



1) Will and power of attorney for individual: $295.00 + HST.

2) Will and power of attorney for couples: $445.00 + HST.


1) Certifying documents as true copies: $25.00 each + HST ($15 for each additional document).

2) Notarizing documents: $25.00 each + HST ($15 for each additional document).

3) Drafting and witnessing affidavits: $95.00 each + HST.

4) Preparing statutory declarations: $95.00 each + HST.